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cinnematographer, camera man, director, producer, commercial, music video, feature film, short film, production development, business development

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Crawford Watson - Director, Producer, Cinematographer


A southern boy at heart—born in Missouri, grew up in North Carolina and Mississippi—I moved to the Catskills in Upstate New York for high school. It was in SUNY New Paltz that I got my bachelor's degree in TV Production. My nickname quickly became Fish, because people love giving you nicknames when your first name sounds a little too proper.


Ultimately, OFISHL was born.


OFISHL Brand strives to create innovative and emotionally responsive material. Always Commercially Viable, and Artistically Sensible. Utilizing the latest technology and techniques this business has to offer, all while maintaing a reasonable budget!


My career started in production where I learned many things about location scouting, scheduling and taking care of a crew.  Then my interests gravitated toward Lighting. The mystery of light is such an incredible adventure; only through experience did i come to understand its principles and properties.


Naturally, this desire to see the image we were creating, pulled me into holding the camera and making more decisions about the overall look and feel of the production. As a DP I have always put myself into a position to make important decisions to increase the potential of the final product.


My journey continues as a Director, which is easy for me because I have always been the captain of the team, I live by my instincts and I am a keen observer. I have a clear vision and can communicate desires very well. 


I currently live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But, I have been spending a lot of time in Dallas, TX exploring that market. I can work as a local in ATL, LA, DAL, SD, and of course NYC.


Anastasia Foresman - Producer


Born in Kiev, Ukraine, while it was still the Soviet Union, Anastasia wrote, shot and edited her first film on VHS when she was 8 years old.

Roping in her little friends and using the resources available to her, her first film coincided with the time in her life when she began to seriously contemplate the mystery that is life; who are we? Why are we here? How does the universe work? How do people work? Movies, then, became the means through which to explore these bottomless questions. As they still are today.

Anastasia pursued her curiosity about life through a liberal arts education at Wheaton College, MA, where she formally learned ‘how to make a movie’. Taking a break from film to learn other things, Anastasia studied Art History and subsequently worked in the art world as well as in event production in New York City. Today, after honing her skills at making things happen and putting people and places together, she is back to her first love: producing pictures! She continues to be guided by her curiosity and takes on projects that she is passionate about.  She believes her 8-year-old self would be very proud.

Anastasia grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia, before moving to the UK and consequently the USA.  She lives and works in New York City with her creative partner and love interest, Crawford Watson.




Equipment for Hire


Black Magic 6K



Complete set of EF Canon Primes and Zooms


Arri Continuous LIghting, KinoFLO


Dana Dolly

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