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Professional Work and Experience


Director of Photography, Mysteries at the Museum, Travel Channel (Seasons 11-22)

2nd Unit DOP, Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall, Investigation Discovery, (Season 6)

B Unit DOP/Monsters Inside Me 6, Animal Planet 


B Unit DOP/Director, Mysteries at the Museum, Travel Channel (Seasons 7-11)


B Unit DOP/Director, Scorned 4, Discovery ID



Director of Photography, 5 Weeks In New York, Feature Film, (Completed)

DOP/Producer, Dogmouth, feature film (Amazon)


Director of Photography, Texas Zombie Wars, Feature Film 1-4 (Post Production)


Additional Camera Operator, 9 Line, AK Waters Productions

Additional Camera, Everything Is Copy (Hbo Documentary), Loveless Productions


Short Film

DOP, Kin, Director Jared Crowelle

DOP, Don't Forget, Director Jared Crowelle

DOP/Producer, Bro, Director Jared Crowelle, EP- Michael K. Williams


Producer, High Beams, Director Marcus Slaybine (4 part film series - on going)


DOP, Lost in War, Director Stephen DObbins


DOP, Kidnap Espresso, Completed


Additional Work Experience


Over 400 days as a Production Assitant on various NYC sets.

For full credits, please inquire.   


Dark Knight Rises

Men In Black 3

Ultimate SpiderMan

Wolf Of wall Street



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